The Nazareine Speaks. September 2016 Equinox

As you know in essence there is only light, darkness only exists in materiality and you are all starting to master it. How wonderful is that to be in this space.

The major theme of His message here is for you to maintain your own space because you have moved now looking at life as it Is, and have mainly left behind the ideology of what it should or even could be. This is what Truth actually is all about, factual identity response to which is relative to where you stand. With the work you have all done with me over the years, your view of Life is now considerable expanded to see more than one perspective and it is in seeing its multiple layers – and into which part you will place what energy – that defines your journey from now, on.

When you are so, so present, the Law of Karma engages differently because there is less material to recycle. Deliberate, affirmative action without the burden of shame, regret nor anything else that is a part of the maya. Certainly, there’s nothing left to heal on your part.

In this light, He spoke too of choosing the movie channel you’d like to watch for the next period – will it be a tragi-comedy? An adventure? Drama? Rocky Horror Show? Romance? (All of the above, lol!) Whatever, it doesn’t matter, as long as you continue to know yourself within it neither as hero nor victim – it is what it is. Above everything, it’s All about going out and having fun.

This is the core of being centred – into yourself – and with the above wisdom of staying in your own space, you are seldom pulled out of it by others’ dreams, desires, emotions, whatever. For years you’ve been speaking about what you want to live, now you get to experience it. And the statement starts simply with I Am, the Ultimate Truth.

Speaking of the emotions, these arise mostly from conflict, particularly when people seek to manage (sidestep) them using various tools, including addiction. In not fully feeling what-is come many interesting projections, all of which are guaranteed to bust out later, whenever, however. They will always so do, because the only way out of emotions is through them. A bit like fear, you have to be present first as The Observer with The Observed for the two to eventually come together in frequency as One. It is only at this point that you will feel nothing at all because you will have harmonized it.

There is a lot more, of course. Much more. Enjoy listening. J


To be in this space you only have to practice.

Assignments >>

1. Practice doing nothing unless you feel it, because at the moment the seed of New Life is fertilizing. In this way does the ego remain the vehicle of Soul.

2. Mindful of the Practice that He gave during His Conversation to invite someone to step into your space, please write to me the personal assignment that Soul gave to you then and where you are within this. He’s asked you to please send me your mails in three weeks which gives us a due date of Saturday 15th October, in the light of the next full moon. I will then give you the next step.

So many gifts! Wonderful!

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