Practice. Full Moon Meditation. October 2016. Letting Go

Here is the first of your moon practices, with the full moon this month October symlizing a letting go at cosmic layer.

This allows you to see yourself without form, a surrender to what-is without need or desire to defend because in essence there is nothing there.

This is Simplicity itself. And from this space are you more able to direct whatever is facing you on your Life journey, which discernment leads you to live life fully, now. Life becomes very interesting indeed once you see how multilayered it is and you become more confident to weave together all the different layers as you feel called.

Of course, after full moon you can always invoke the same energy by calling it forth as you prepare to practice. And remember that every time you do it, you will have a different experience.


Assignment >> Sitting in your own space, with nothing before and after you is one of the most powerful Presence practices in which you can engage. The biggest release is in the illusion (or, as The Nazareine calls it, delusion), particularly of ‘continuity’ and is the beginning of your understanding of ‘egoless’.

What was this like the first time you did it? How did you resonate the inner space that you reclaimed? Love to hear your news!

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