The Nazareine Speaks. 16th March 2016 : Equinox. Belonging to Self.

Knowledge is an aspect of Light that cuts through all confusion, and I’m sure that you experienced this last week. The core of this included Being kind to yourself: stop doing what others tell you to do (according to their view) and connect with your inner eye – your intuition. It’s the only aspect of yourself that sees Truth (your own) and you know it through your resonance.

As well, He suggested to stop trying to be so ‘spiritual’ as this superimposes a(nother) set of belief systems that countermand those others that don’t and never will work for you. Any new set of ‘spiritual’ beliefs, especially because it’s full of what you ‘should’ and ‘should not’ do (in order to be said spiritual person), will also never work for you and in fact continues to separate yourself from your Self, plainly because you will have taken yourselves out of your ‘being’ into another set of ‘doings’.

And last, but not least, He’s asked you to realize that the goal is the path and the path is the goal, just to be yourself whilst you are walking it, and to be kind to yourself whilst you are so doing.

Very simple.


To assist you stay in the energy and to use it to best advantage, The Nazareine has asked you to reflect upon what are the key themes in your life that cause you to shoot yourself in the foot, specifically in the light of moving forward.

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