Life Strategy. What Is Spirit To You?

There seem to be so
many different permutations of Spirit knocking around, and as interest increases, it’s important that we’re all on the same page as we move forward together.

In simplest terms, for me Spirit is about space. Different teachers call it different names, but space is purely space. Within this space is an island of materiality that is you, the individuated aspect of All That Is. And you are in space in order to draw to yourself all that you require from the field of infinite potential to grow. For as you grow, Spirit grows, nature grows, Life grows because it’s essentially One and the same.

It is not just about “the growth”, it is the insights that come from this growth that is important, your deep exploration of the totality of this, your space and everything in relation to it. And then to truly realise it, you have to live it in conscious application. to bring yourself back to your own space.  Work, wellness, personal life – it’s all the same.
The form and the formless, side by side, otherwise known as Spirit experiencing matter.
It is much, much more than the spiritual supermarket surfer will find, because it all lies beneath the surface, requires focus and a certain amount of devotion. When you live Truthyour spirituality, applied, you who are Seekers of Truth often find amazing things. Wondrous things. Much much more than an ego-centric view of ‘reality’ although this also has to be acknowledge along the way. In fact, reality shifts, or is moulded by your neutrality and life takes on a freshness and fulfillment that is at first surprising to many. And then, with realisation of the responsibility of upholding rich traditions and practice lineage of an ancient teaching defined in different cultures – of Self, identity, light – you engage into fulfillment.
It has been for me a very great privilege over the years to have walked this path with you. I have taken great care to keep the teachings pure, practice-oriented in the context of everyday life and most important, simple. In this year coming I will be cutting through more of the dense noise around the massive title “Spirituality” to take you deeper into your own space in different configurations of higher learning. The next part of our journey together remains a very great pleasure.

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