Life Strategy. Simplicity is All That Is. Part 2 of What Is Spirituality.

Continuing our conversation on What-Is Spirituality.

There are only two things in material life that are definite. You are born and you die. That’s it. Between, though, there is a range of choice that comes from Spirit’s gift of a mind with which to think, a heart with which to feel, and free will in weaving it all together. With your intuition, that voice of your Soul and your connector to All That Is all you need to do is to simply focus on where you’re heading, precisely. This is Presence. What-Is.
The Absolute.
By breaking everything down into simple steps you find that these pretty soon all merge into one step anyway and in essence one memory. And this memory comes from lots of little memories that were previously each of your little steps.
By focusing on each step, and by creating memories all of a certain value to you, without mindless chatter you find that your life is one history of multiple, brilliant memories. Some are lighter than others, of course, upon reflection you will see a certain relationship that you can if you wish encapsulate into one or two words the thread of your life, otherwise known as the Journey of Your Soul.
What are yours?
If you wanted to take this a step further, if you wish you become more able to see the extraordinary in everyday ordinary situations. If so, then you are living Spirit, that is, meditation in action, focused practical application of What-Is every single moment of this Life.
It’s the most direct way of short-circuiting an undisciplined mind more focused on what-if. Otherwise known as fear, this gnaws the soul and reduces the beauty of life into pointless soul-searching,a mindless search for the Self that is already Present.
Think about it. 🙂

Picture by Mina Ficarra, Melbourne

Taken in Vietnam.

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