Life Strategy. What is Spirituality? An Out-of-the Box Exploration. Part 1

 Life is Open Space, the basis of who you are. In answer to your questions about what is Spirituality, it’s time to step out of the box of what others think it is. I see it as your ability to communicate with Spirit, bringing the formless into form at will and to be able to interpret it concisely. At the same time you are able to see multiple perspectives, which bring you back into Open Space. Yours.

Using your greatest gift – the ability to think – you match it with your ability to discern, otherwise known as choice. This forms the basis of your life. In cooperation with Spirit it is ultimately a reclamation of your own space that evolves your journey’s direction. You get to fill it with whatever resonates with you, view clearly what else is placed in front of you, connect with your inherent wisdom to deal with it cleanly and with precision. This determines flow.

Very, very simple. At the same time very very dignified.

With this you live right in the centre of Life, now. You are not out of it by living in the past or future: fearing, daydreaming, wishing. There are no should’s, even could’s remain a part of infinite potential until you come to that space that presents choice. And what-is, rather than what-if, becomes your direct view.

All then whether you do, or you don’t doesn’t much matter as Life flows on, anyway. The only thing that matters ultimately, really, is that essentially nothing does.

Think about it.

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