The Nazareine Speaks on Relationships, Technology & Assumptions

I always think that assumptions are the death of any good relationship. Jumping to conclusions and insisting that you are right seeds hostile situations that create defensive struggle, at many different levels. Listen here to the Nazareine speak on the challenges provided by those who hang fast to their own theories rather than working – and accepting – what-is. Perhaps they find it difficult, challenging or frightening to do so and prefer to create an illusion that feeds into their own stories. Add to this the distance that modern technology provides, and you have on your hands a pretty complicated (and unnecessary) situation.

Assumptions mean you stay firmly in the past. It’s always important to leave the past in the past and stay very rooted into present moment. Then, all the facts can be considered, you sit and face it and then move on.

Please let me know what you learned from this. Did you hear anything familiar? How did you handle it in the past and how would you handle it if it came up again in the future?


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