March New Moon Solar Eclipse 2016

New moon energy is always about stepping into a new world, through the vehicle of desire – for change, opportunity, dreams. This beautiful energy also brings along with it the opportunity to engage with your darkest fear/s, those that might remain buried within you that might trip you up unawares. If you’ve been feeling the energy to have been intense in the past few weeks, now you know why. By being willing to reflect both in your light and darkness will you more readily align with the Spirit of Opportunity that this year is all about.

What came up for you? What was/are your greatest fear/s?

I was a bit surprised (well, not really) that my own had to do with my mother, husband and children dying. I lived this in the past few weeks with them all being ill one way or another (and ultimately me too) it wasn’t until I was preparing this for you that the penny dropped for me and my questions about why my intuition – that I live and breathe by – did not work in their instances. I had felt like a plastic bag had been tied over my head. “A bit like that Luke Skywalker fellow having to practice his light sabre by feeling each tiny movement with all senses ultra-connected,” Spirit said to me later. Really? Funny.

“Thing about Spirit – Spirit hits the nail on the head each time,” said  my friend MPJ when I shared this with her, confiding too that her fears are the same. Yup.

The wonderful thing about new moon is that once everything is synthesised and realisation had taken place, the portals to my inner space opened again and last night wave upon wave of vision unveiled (finally), moving through and onto wonderful new beginnings. New energetic progressions for you, new work, locations for your retreats, my travels to be with  you. Together with celestial sounds of water coming to the shore, there wasn’t  much sleep but hey ho (details).

As well, I felt immensely blessed that when I couldn’t see into the far horizon, I had many around me who could, and I was able to let go and let them take the healing forward for me. Treasured gifts, all. Thank you.

So this is my sharing. Looking forward to yours.

Listen here about 2016 being the Year of Opportunity, and how to harness this for yourself.

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