Magic of the Mountains

Magic of the Mountain1.s. Spirit speaks to us in symbols, the little things around us that with awareness we can interpret to continue our lives step by step in growth, fulfillment and joy. The magic of mountains is in their message of solidity and solidarity of structure, a bit like the silent witness, if you wish. This supports our practice of intuitive insight that sees things as they really are rather than how/what we might wish them to be. With this expanded vision, we are then able to move decisively to deal with things with discernment; a simplicity of motion that is fluid and spontaneous and most importantly without the ego’s need for heroic drama.
A reminder of your inherent strength, that is always there, silent.
Then, all returns to rest, a reclamation of your own space as it has always been, within.
Pictures by Ambros Strolz, Austria


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