Life Strategy – Do You Really Listen?

How well do you listen, and do you really listen, really hear what others are saying? I’ve observed many people listen through defensive filters, preoccupied or thinking their agendas or responses at the same time, so are not really listening at all. Some people either interrupt or talk over other people or come out with something that’s not related very much to what was being said, which is an interesting approach to communication and relationship.

Whether we really listen to anyone will determine the quality of our response, which in turn determines the quality of that relationship and ensuing situation/s. We need to realise too that what is not being said is often more important. We call this the space between the words and to know this – to read the energy – we have to feel, or intuit, it, in the silence of our inner space. So enjoy your own observations on listening, intuiting and pondering and remember, in order to effect any sort of change in our lives, we must be first of all be that change (without taking ourselves too seriously).

Think about it and let me know what you reflect …

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