Using Soul Energy to Quickly Deal with Stress

Do you ever feel stressed by the volume of things in your life that needs to be done? Or to meet other people’s requirements (of you)? Here Anna shares some basic techniques that, rather than add to the stress of having to do even more things to stop you feeling stressed, focus (lol, seriously…. think about it….) focus instead on making you feel really, simply…. ALIVE.

Feeling alive and feeling present are One and the same, and your living this aspect of soul energy becomes very very clear and very very precise. So, so simple – enjoy!

Soooo ….. Practice here doesn’t mean you have to do more and more in order to feel less and less ** whatever (**fill in the blank here), it means to allow yourself to be present in every single moment, watching and more importantly BEING what is happening in your life, at that moment.

And then, as fast as it arises, you let it go, because when that moment has passed, you realise that it no longer has any value. Not now and certainly not ever in the future.

Let me know how you get on and what insights you get from this!

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