Life Strategy. Moving On In a World Essentially Full of Light.

PeaceHow has this year gone for you? Like it’s whooshed through in about 2 seconds? That’s how it felt to me!
It’s been an astonishing year.
Many of you have asked what next year will bring, it’s human nature to want to know what’s coming. Insights given mean that you’ll feel more safe within yourself, more prepared to meet the future, whatever lies ….. ‘there’ …. And then to make the decision on what to bring ….. ‘here’…..
In this light, 2016 can be, if you wish, the year of New Life.
We’re on the verge of new and exciting times where our now very anachronistic external landscape is changing. Look at what’s around you now compared to this time last year. No-one is exempt from the change of external environment. From what may on the surface seem to be ‘disastrous’, ‘negative’, ‘awful’ (etc) can also be seen to be old structure breaking down to make room for new, in the same way that even in the most desolate landscape do flowers eventually start to bud.
Within the increasing noise and busyness of the Shadow world can be found great opportunity too. That’s always the case – the gift of Spirit in providing opportunity for growth in All That Is. It’s up to you to claim it.
Connect to this new potential of being simply by being more willing to operate beyond conventional thought. Think outside of the box.Be clever about it. You will thus be one of those who help fire up new energy streams and patterns of thought that uplift you and others to fly, unencumbered by other peoples’ beliefs, needs and fears.
How’s that for freedom?
Many of you originally came to Spirit because essentially the external world did not work for you, It was too noisy/busy/fast/materialistic. You were tired, perhaps also a bit disoriented and/or no longer sure of your identity. Most of all you wanted something beyond the material, ultimately to live inspirational lives. unravel Truth from perspective, embrace what is real and live authentically, genuinely, kindly, whatever, that is right for you in enlightened society with others, similar. Knowing that you are thus supported, life becomes one of more dignity, confidence and wisdom, it’s joy is in finding
Within huge grief and anger at all the man-made and natural difficulties that seized our attention multiple times this year came a small but determined budding of this Spirit of community. It’s expressed by more and more people finding their voice or who are supporting those who already have. We’re still at the very beginning, and we have some way to go yet. But it’s definitely there now where before there was only silence, accompanied by inertia. As with everything in our world, whatever you focus on you will grow. So focus on this rather than anything else, breathe life into it and grow it into full flower.
Next year will continue to be challenging – it’s how you grow. All the more reason to express your spiritual heart with a clear sense of direction. You can no longer wait for others to fix what’s been broken for years, what’s not functioning within your matrix and beyond.Take the first, simple step of reviewing what in your life is not working. What has needed to be said and done all these years? What are your trigger points? Then you cut the energy. Do it in steps if you need to but do it. No-one else is going to do it for you, With a view to your extended community and its impact you free yourself, lovingly, kindly and gently. This will minimize ongoing karma (and drama).
Then, you decide what really matters to you. What’s next? What have you always wanted to do? What feels right? You all have an inner sense of your own answers. This is Spirit calling you. Now, as we head to New Life, take action, feel your way again maybe  again just one small step at a time with your silent chant of “Let us see where this takes me”. Essentially when we set out to do something, no-one ever has guarantees and Spirit sometimes throws a curved ball, just to keep us present, LOL. It’s not even about leap of faith or trust. But if you determine to follow the energy as it unfolds, then the old cliche of the journey being the joy comes true. The journey from A to B and onwards will be full of wonderful memories, especially if you choose to smell the flowers during your travels.
And memories are the only thing that last forever, within us.
Something to thank yourself for, ultimately.
These simple moves taken in the light of your own freedom and preferred onward momentum is your multidimensional signal to the Universe of the Ultimate Freedom. This is of the freedom to think clearly, see with love and make choices for yourself to be reflected outwards, into the wider world community,
This is enlightenment, lived.
Much love, as always.


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  1. Anna, thank you for your uplifting and inspiring December Profile, which I finally had the chance to carefully read and absorb today. Your messages of light and opportunity really hit home.

    Several years ago, my sister Debbie gave me a wonderful film based on a true story, “The Christmas Cottage” by Thomas Kinkade, which came to mind when I read your Profile. It features an aging, physically frail and mentally weakening artist, Glen (played expertly by Peter O’Toole), who tries unsuccessfully to paint the grief he feels on the passing of his beloved wife, Nicole. One of his long-time students, Thom, who is home for the holidays and facing family and financial dilemmas of his own, looks to his mentor for strength and realises he must now take on a new role, encouraging the great artist to continue painting. After more failed attempts, Glen seems resigned to paint no more, until Thom brings him a candle on Christmas Eve and implores him not to give up. Lighting the candle, Thom recounts some of the crucial lessons he learned from Glen over the years and apologetically explains he has no money to buy gifts but is there to deliver the only gift he has to give him: love. After Thom leaves, Glen revives and begins to paint. The next day, Glen, leaning on his shepherding-style staff, manages to carry a parcel to Thom’s family home. The painting is wrapped in brown paper, on which Glen has written Ultimum Folium (“The Last Leaf”). When the work is unveiled I myself gasped at its beauty. Glen explains to Thom and his family, (I’m paraphrasing here) I was trying to paint the grief and sadness of a world without Nicole and then you came with a candle last night and I realised it was not darkness I should paint as a memorial to Nicole but light! Leaves turn from green to yellow and red, then wither and die but the light of the sky behind them remains. Paint the light, Thom, that’s the only thing that lasts!!

    Anna, I wish you, your family and all of your readers a New Year filled with light!

  2. Thank you dear Connie for this wonderful sharing. I can so totally relate, having lost so many family members in the past few months. It’s always about the light. And of course sharing the love, too. Axxx