Women’s Spiritual Teaching and Supermoon Practices. September 2015

What a wonderful, inspirational and all embracing evening we had together on Monday’s Supermoon! Of course, it was YOUR energy, expressed, reflected and experienced. No wonder it was so special. Thank you all for everything. Please stay connected and we’ll speak again together very soon.

For you who were with us in Spirit rather than in person, I send to  you all our collective love as well. May where you all walk be blessed.


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  1. What a lovely evening experienced together. I could feel the bond and strength of your/our/the community. I also loved the contrast of thunderstorms outside and the serenity within the room. Thanks for sharing the love and wisdom.

  2. Yes, it was truly a wonderful gathering on many different levels – in Spirit, friendship, women. Many Love and thanks. xxx

  3. Yes, it was wonderful on many different levels. Spirit, Nature. Women. Friends. Thanks and love. axxxx