Life Strategy. Watching the Interconnection of Karma Being Expressed Today.

Stay freeIt’s been another interesting period in the history of our planet, hasn’t it? The migration into Europe has certainly brought attention to the human cost of modern conflict in many different parts of our beautiful world; people can watch it and of course still turn away from it, but with modern communication, you can’t not know about it. And “knowing” especially at a time when stakes are so high brings you to a choice point in terms of responsibility and call to action.

We are all participants in this experience because at community level we all share the same karma. This is the overriding karma into which falls the inner view of your cultural, family and individual aspect and forms the basis of progression for future generations. Some years ago I wrote that at current trajectory as it was then we were heading towards a more global conflict and that this would  an unseen war. The power of the enemy would be in its invisibility and to deal with it would be much like trying to swat a mosquito in the dark.

In this light and with energy as the foundation of all of Life itself being irrevocably interlinked, millions of lives have already changed and millions more are in process of changing – yours, mine and everyone else’s. Anyone who thinks that life will just go on as it has always done, particularly because they live far away from ‘the action’, is deluded.

So here we are now looking at a global scenario which whilst not exactly Doomsday significantly calls for action on each one’s part. It doesn’t have to be much, no one’s expected to be a hero, but like water dropping on a stone, whatever you choose to do or say will collectively eventually make a mark in terms of unconditional community consciousness. And it can be anything you wish, as long as it’s something, however small.

It needs to be done, or started now because then it will be focused and managed by you, the people and community consciousness will shift into this space. Otherwise it will be done at you, and in ways you can be sure isn’t going to work for you and it will be done by those whose interesting assumption is that peace can be attained through violence and other forms of force.

It has not yet been widely recognized that we are facing those who are masters of the darkness, whose main weapon is fear and who manipulate public opinion through the Trojan horse of hate by those who for whatever reason have never felt included in any aspect of any society and who have no identity of their own. To know this for yourself, just listen carefully in between the lines of rhetoric on both sides.

I’ve been saying for a while that it’s time to move. Now, it really is.

My summer was very different to how I had planned, both my uncles passed away within a few days of each other and my first response was to return to the UK to focus on my mother and extended family there. Both uncles had left a war-impoverished Hong Kong in the 1950s as part of a diaspora of young Chinese men seeking new life and opportunity overseas and much later, other family emigrated to Canada for the same reason. Big change and challenges for everyone, some settled, others chose eventually to return home.

My father, a Welshman, left his home in 1943 and having lied about his age (16 years) joined the Royal Air Force. He arrived in Hong Kong the day after the war ended and his first duty was to ferry war criminals from Tokyo back to Hong Kong for war crimes trial. He then decided to stay on and married my mother at a time when not many young Chinese women of good family married foreigners. Eventually, they retired back to the UK, electing to live near my uncles so it would be easier for my mother to integrate in terms of community, structure and support.

Through their respective journeys they instilled in my brother, cousins and myself a strong work ethic, resilience and resourcefulness that in turn we have taught our own children. Failure was never an option and self-pity not much tolerated by our elders. They were just like these ones now seeking new life in another country due to war and economic situation, some of whom will make it through persistence and hard work, others, well, won’t. They will, or will not integrate, harmoniously or however, into the societies in which they are seeking new life, and much of this will depend too on each one’s own vision of life and their karmic contract.

Mine is the story of millions of families around the world and may even be the same as your own family history.

In calling for change, I am not looking at these ones who seek to make it. They seek the light and will be challenged by the darkness in so doing. I am looking at those who seek to destroy life, love and community as we all cherish it. It’s time they faced Spirit-in-motion by us using different methodology and tools to those that have never anyway worked in the entire history of our planet.

Think about it.


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