Meditation Practice. Set of three gentle energies to anchor yourself deep within your heart.

Beginner Level.

You’ll start with a gentle connection with your own inner cosmos, a return to your Self as the Observer of All That Is.oNext, you’ll move towards sending healing to any loved on in any kind of pain or distress. Finally your inner nature connects with the Nature that is reflected around you.

Each practice is followed by a period of Stillness during which you may choose to continue to be The Observer, or to listen for messages from Spirit.

Depending on how you’re doing for time, you may choose to do each one (about 12-15 minutes) or the full set.

Simple, easy-to-do and focused both to yourself and to those near and dear to you.

Many people have told me that they have experienced profound peace from this simple practice – please let me know what it does for you too!

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