Understanding Death 5. Death Comes as the End? Or Is It All in the Eye of the Observer. Mary Page Jones shares an experience.

IMG-20150207-WA0006We have been here 5 years.  I’ve known there was a ghost.  Our cleaning lady, who can see the other side, has seen our ghost.  A few weeks ago she went to the basement and the hair stood on the back of her neck.  I knew we had to do something.

Bob and I did an exorcism. I’ve smudged,  meditated and opened the way for the ghost to leave.  Finally I called a woman I know in California who is a Shaman.  She has been doing Shamanic journeys for 20 years.  Today she came here – thru energy not physically.

It was a very intense time for my friend, Deborah, the Shaman  She found a Young Girl – not of the house but of the earth -who was screaming.  The dark energy my friend felt was the girl and the screaming…she said when she encounters dark energies she gets the dry heaves…so it was today.  The young girl was one of the settlers /pioneers who had come here.   Deborah saw that around the property were Native Americans.  The young girls family had gone to get supplies and while they were away soldiers came attacked her and raped her.  She never recovered, she had gone insane.  The Native Americans were blamed.

The Native Americans stayed because they wanted to correct the story. The land and trauma were here on this property and where we are.  A couple of weeks ago I meditated sensing there were Native Americans here.   I opened a portal for them to leave.

Deborah has been doing Shamanic journeys for 20 years and in that time DivineMother – the embodiment of the Divine Mother has come into her journeys only twice.  Today the Divine Mother, came for the 3rd time Deborah has experienced her.  She came into the basement.  The young girl needed the unconditional love only Mary could give in order to shift and calm her enough to take her out.

The young girl was terrified by the presence of people.

After  the Divine Mother had the young girl safely out she stayed to clear the land.  At that time the Native Americans who had been on the edge of the property came into the front yard, built a fire and sat around it clearing the land and the space and the trauma and their name.

We have been deeply blessed.  Deborah said there was a huge heaviness in the heart.  She also said after my ablation there will be an opening of the heart.

It was all perfect timing given it is Memorial day.

Bob and I are sad for the young girl.  Blessed and happy for the Native Americans and feel touched by the Divine Mother being here.


Mary Page


Mary Page Jones is President of Rag Dolls to Love and President of The Pomegranate Project: Courage in Motion and a keen kayaker. She is convinced that her chronological age of 74 has more to do with body parts than heart, mind and soul.

She lives in Colorado with her husband Bob.








Picture by Joyita in Singapore.

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