Meditation Practice. Love and the Amethyst Moon. A Gentle Acknowledgement of Love and Self.

From time to time it’s amazing to work with moon glow and amethyst as the stone of transformation to look within and send love to all your achievements so far. Why not? You did it, and often against huge challenges too. Send love too to those who have walked with you during this part of your journey, sit in this light in order to grow this energy and call forth others, similar.

And then draw a line around those situations that have troubled or challenged you in the past – no need to take them into the future. Whatever was the relevance for that period, it’s now over.

Gentle, kind and loving – just like you.

You can do this practice anytime, not just during full moon energy. Just tune in to the energy whenever you need and take  yourself forward in the way that you wish. And you know what? Each time you practice, you will experience something totally different. Let me know how you get on!

Scroll down for symbology of this blue moon.



Whilst each moon is symbolic in its own right, this one, coming hot on the heels of huge energetic change, is about your ability to communicate what you see and know to be true. So many of you can see so clearly, yet for whatever reason you self-censor! You ability to share you inner vision is important because what you are shown by Spirit (YOUR Spirit) defines who you are to your external world. And so many of you are naturally gracious and kind that if anyone takes it in any way other than how you intended, well …. gee…. that’s about them, isn’t it and not about you.

But hey ho, where other people are isn’t your concern, it’s where YOU are in life, more important, WHO you are and how you are able to express this that is more important than anything.

So take a few minutes out of your day certainly for the next several – the three days on each side of a full moon holds the same energy – and ride the inspiration of your own love into the next part of your life journey.

And I’m right here by your side, walking with you.

How wonderful is that!


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  1. Thank you Anna! You always “appear” at the right time! May you always be strong and blessed! xxx

  2. good morning dear anna! thank you for that practice……

    it is wonderful to have you beside.

    wish u a good inspirational day in sweet thailand


  3. Absolutely beautiful Anna, each meditation is like a new piece of art. Thank you!

  4. Your wisdom always feeds me, Anna! Whew, that was some ride-and it’s lovely as the energy clears. Love to you and thank you for walking with me. X

  5. Hi Anna ,
    Thank you for this beautiful meditation.,recently have been feeling exhausted,
    energy sapped out of my body,excrciating pains in all my joints.Ido suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.
    Our beloved pet dog died 3 weeks ago ,thus Iput this to that.

    Whilst doing this med I felt a thight knot in the middle of my left shoulder blade.

  6. Hello Urmilla, joint pain comes from an overload of emotions, which for you I’m not surprised given all that is happening in your life. The shoulder represents a need to just keep going, irrespective of whatever is happening around you. I hope that you’ve now moved through all the stressors in your life, if not, you may wish to sit quietly for a few moments and ask your Guidance where you need to place more boundaries. Much love, A x

  7. Dear Aalia, Thank you and very pleased that you enjoyed it! You can do it any time, not just in full moon, just connect to the energy to bring it through. All my love, A xxx