Listen to Your Own Heartbeat. Ever Changing Day. By Mina Ficarra.

MinSome days living smacks you in the face to wake you from a numbing stupor

Some days it gently beckons you to gaze at the wealth that lies within

Some days your heartbeat fills your chest with the mighty pounding of panic

Some days it anchors you to your breath showing you the delicate balance that is

Some days your mind hijacks your skin leaving you exposed and full of fear

Some days it shows you in clear & precise detail how to bring your dreams to life.

On any given day the sun and moon play tag, greeting each other briefly as one rises and the other retires.

Reminding you that there are constant fresh beginnings and endless opportunities to soar.






Mina Ficarra lives in Melbourne. A poet and lover of Life, she is married with two children.

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