Listen to Your Own Heartbeat. Come Sit With Me. Submitted by Mary Page Jones

Come Sit With Me.

There comes a
time in your life, when you walk

away from all the drama
and people who create it. You
surround yourself with

people who make you laugh. Forget

the bad, and focus on
the good. Love the people who treat
you right, pray for
the ones who don’t.

Life is too
short to be anything but
happy. Falling down is a part of

life, getting back up
is living.


Mary Page Jonessubmitted by Mary Page Jones. President of Rag Dolls to Love and President of The Pomegranate Project: Courage in Motion. She is convinced that her chronological age of 74 has more to do with body parts tha heart, mind and soul. A keen kayaker, she lives in Colorado with her husband Bob.

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