Meditation Practice – Dealing with Anger

Feel like sometimes you’re so angry that you could just burst? Well, there’s red-hot anger, white-hot anger, implosive anger, explosive anger. Doesn’t much matter what type of anger or angry situation. Anger is anger is anger. Sometimes it’s not worth confronting it, and yet you can’t just let it go.

As with all expressions of Spirit in human form, anger can come to you in many different ways, it can sit latent within you or boil up sometimes catching up in surprise, most oftentimes not. You don’t need to going into the ‘why’s’ of your anger, likely the moment’s passed anyway. It is, however, important to deal wit the ‘what’, so that you can move on irrevocably into the rest of your life (without it hanging around your neck). Here’s a practice to help you on your way which I suggest you do3-4 times a week at least in the beginning. Please let me know how you get on and if you have any questions about what comes up for you.

Love, Anna x

If you enjoyed this meditation there are loads more on your Spiritual Guidance page. Please click here and scroll through! If you need any help please just drop me an email! Happy exploring! To start with, here’s one on mastering pain of any sort – I hope it helps you!.

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  1. Dear Anna,

    Many thanks that you always provide the various guidance. Those are the emotion that I felt especially anger which I just felt very angry with someone last week. Thus, I can use them for helping me. Hope that I can improve myself.

  2. Thank you Khun Sirisawat, always lovely to hear from you. I’m happy that the meditation is helping you hold your onw strength and space. If there is anything else you’d like me to record, or if you have any questions, please just email me. With love and blessings xxx

  3. Hi Anna long time I talked to you in private. I met you in Kamalaya and had a conversation with Nazareine then. I wanted to thank you for your lovely month letters. Even when I am not there were I want to be with Meditation, I am still a very beginner and I have a hard time to integrate Meditation in my daily life. But I want to and I know that it would help me a lot! I just wanted to send you some greetings from Switzerland and say “Thank you”. You always talk from the bottom of my heart and it feels good to read your letters! I don’t think you can remember me but I do remember you!

    Jasmin Ehrat

  4. Hi Jasmine, of course I remember you and I’m thrilled to hear from you again. You have such a lovely energy and such a brilliant heart. The meditation practice is beautiful because it takes us back into the middle of our brilliant heart, that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? To be living this brilliance and shining it into the world around us. We all have it but most people forget so it’s good to be sharing yours. Just practice, don’t set yourself any expectations – each day will be different because you’re different each day. Some days it’ll be easier than others and that’s fine too. Kiss kiss and with love, A xxx

  5. Dear K Kanyarat, I’m so happy you enjoy everything on this website. I put my entire heart into it. If there’s anything else you’d like covered, please just drop me a line. Kiss kiss. Axxx