Life Strategy. Intuition & Your Life Choices

Your intuition is your inner voice, otherwise known as the voice of Soul. It’s always there for you, the key is to know how to tune into it, to connect to a higher wisdom and guidance that comes from deep within you.

Anna speaks here on intuition, healing, space and everything in between, this talk is designed to touch the beauty of your inner self and through this the beginnings of a profound engagement with all of the beauty of life (yours). Learn how simple it is to first see and then feel your choices to move beyond challenge and bring more peace, balance and harmony into your Life. More on other pages here on this website, email me with your questions – always happy to answer!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your insight, Anna. As always your voice-both in print and recorded arrives in perfect harmony with the exterior situation ( change, indeed!). It would be a stressful situation for me -although it’s actually really just major improvement!- if I forget that I am the eternal space. Ahhhh…now I’m unwrapping the present and savoring the new surprises as my bones relax and all my cells feel the expanding peace. Bless you, darling for spreading joy. xxx

  2. Hello darling, always such a pleasure to hear from you and so pleased to hear your news. Enjoy ever beautiful moment, and look forward to seeing you again somewhere on this beautiful island. With love, always, Axxx