Listen to Your Heartbeat ….. Where Am I From? Poem by Joyita.

by IMG-20150406-WA0004Joyita Bandyopadhyay.

Where am I from, can you let me know:

You are from a world so splendid and core,
A world where love blooms,
The waters fragrance rains,
A world where the clouds sing, without disdain,

A world of laughter,true from the heart,
A world where there is, no disgust,
A world so true, so pure like you
A world where you are truly ‘you’

A world where colours blossom and spring
Where the waters float in air & sing
A song of love, a song of joy
A song where all enjoy,
A song of spirit, a song of life,
A song that goes on life after life,
A song of praise, a song of light,
A song that causes true delight,
A song of power, a song of truth,
A special song meant just for you.


Joyita is from Kolkata, India and grew up in New Delhi & Dehradun. She now lives  in Singapore with her husband.

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