Meditation Practice. “Into the Fullness of the Feminine Spirit”. Women’s Full Moon Meditation.

It’s a full moon again! Every moon is special as her gentle silver energy symbolises desire, in this instance speficically female desire, of all sorts, at every level. Physical, emotional and spiritual and everywhere, everything in-between.

Full moon symbolises fulfillment of these desires, or fulfillment of an inner yearning so that you can walk towards these with strength and resolve, neutrality, balance and deep knowing.

This connection between spirit and human is a part of the in-breath and the out-breath of the universe.

Essentially, it is you, at heart level.

This is real power, power of your spiritual Heart.

Please do this meditation in the light of the full moon, or to bring yourself back into this light at another time of the month.

How will you know which is right for you?

You sit in your question, feel your inner response. And then you will know. Truly know.

Because Spirit (yours) will tell you.

Please email me with your experiences and let me know how you get on!


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