Life Strategy. Anna Hughes talks about using new moon energy to create change.

It was lovely to have seen you at my recent talk on new moon energy. You may remember that this  specifically was about new beginnings, and how this symbolises renewal and as such the perfect time to create change.

Here too I define how energy works and how to use it easily to bring through profound life changes.

If you have any experiences you’d like to share or any questions arising from listening to this again, please just email them through to me and I’ll be pleased to shed light on them! In the meantime, enjoy the experience again!

Follow this meditation to get more in sync with new moon energy

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  1. Unfinished business that comes up again and again so that it reaches a completion. What a simple definition of Karma, unfinished business. I will keep reminding myself. It makes things simpler that way. ‘Fear, is an absence of love’. ‘Be you to the full. Beautiful.’. Thank you for sharing your talk with everyone. Food for thought and mainly simple.

  2. A Lion came to me and when asked he said he came to bring me strength and confidence as the King of the Jungle. It was a male lion. I haven’t looked it up yet on google:)