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A journey begins behind my house I slowly walk & start to rouse

Knowing, not what to find I walk ahead free in mind

Slowly, I begin to see

Small little things so bright & free

A blade of grass On a little mass

A tiny bloom So full of plume

Small butterflies camouflaged as a leaf

Little plants in a sheaf

A painted sky

So mighty & high

Birds that sing

And Flutter their wings

Butterflies that come my way

To wish me a happy day

The clouds appear in various shapes

The trees unfurl in all its gape

The Moon, the Sun, the wind galore

Tell a story, a secret lore

Nature & I are all but one My mother (earth) is so much fun

Abundance of love flows to me

To teach me I am beautiful, perfect & ever free.


bioBy Joyita Bandyopadhyay.


Joyita is from Kolkata, India and grew up in New Delhi & Dehradun. She now lives  in Singapore with her husband.

“When I asked the universe what message I should give to go along with this poem, I received this:  Love yourself deeply for the greatest healing will come through it.  When I asked for another message it came as: Peace is your very core, look no where else but inside,” she said.

For me, Nature has shown love, perfection & beauty in it’s tiniest creations.  I’m on a journey to explore & realise that aspect within myself.”

Thank you, Joyita, for sharing so many of your beautiful pictures with us. I’ve posted more on my facebook page – please come on board and enjoy them! Click here to view!

Microsoft Word - Document4



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