Listen to Your Own Heartbeat. Chinese New Year 2015

TCNY Funhis week we welcome the Year of the Goat, symbolic of peace and harmony. Following a dynamic and galloping Horse year, this lunar year brings you more space to take a deep breath, sit down with a nice hot drink, and do some inner visioning. The more out-of-the-box thinking the better – you  don’t want to continue the same-old same-old in today’s new energy, now do you?
Think mostly of what you can give, rather than what you will take and within this space of kindness (starting with yourself, of course) you will find this altogether to be a year full of gentle growth and lovely new experiences!
How do you bring new experiences into your life? First, you create space. Here’s how in a few easy steps  >>> Click here.
And then read about creating dreams  here!
And last, but not least watch this short video about creating dreams that come true!
Loads more here on the website!
Kung Hei Fat Choi – and Happy Dreaming!


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