Meditation & Wisdom Resource. Always Hold Your Own Space. It’s Who You Are.

There is more to Life than meets the eye. Whatever happens to and around you, it’s important that you remain intact and hold your own space in the face of external turmoil. If your energy leaks or is drawn anywhere, you are able to bring it back to yourself quickly. This means that you are able to wind your energy back so that you remain intact, are not led by external forces and remain aware and at all times discerning in every single moment.  In effect, who you are is not lead by what is being said, viewed or reviewed by external experience, and you become more able to see beyond emotional response, the basis of strength. Please let me know what happens in your life situations when you do this – and also what this means in your response to world events around you.

Picture from Kamalaya Koh Samui.

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