Life Strategy. Unconditional Love is the Energy of Creation.

140831 REflectYou are all the essence of Unconditional Love.

What does this mean?

Unconditional Love is not an emotion; it’s the energy of Creation. It’s all that is and it there in all of us – your own creative spark or essential Self that is both infinite and eternal. When you accept yourself in this state of consciousness, you experience an aspect of your Self that is perpetual and with which you can more easily navigate your own inner planes of existence. These are otherwise immaterial and therefore invisible.

It is connection with your own inner guidance, your inner wisdom that has always been there for you, that creates and defines all of Life. This is what you reflect into your external, everyday material world. Once you remember how to bring both inner and outer world into alignment, life becomes so much more simple. To be adept you just need to practice – and to lose the fear to stick your neck out a bit.

How can I benefit?

   Once you understand and trust that you all have an inner Unconditional Love-based connection and guidance inspiring you, you no longer need to be afraid to ‘do the right thing’. Your response to everything around you comes from how you feel in that moment, and what you wish to achieve.

In essence, you come from your own inner space empowered in the knowledge that you have unlimited ability to live life freely and well with an eye to the bigger picture – without guilt, fear, inner conflict.

This is known as ‘wisdom love’.

Knowing and experiencing yourself as wisdom keeps you in profound inner peace, your own silence in which you are more able to experience yourself as ‘clarity’.

You will come to live each moment of your life as the motivating force of everyday experience. Knowing who you are, knowing you are the space of Love first and foremost, and knowing how to express this Love every day promotes heart-based intellectual growth, through you encouraging all around you to think outside the everyday-fear-based-society-box and take these understandings beyond superficial and material levels, to the benefit of all.

Ultimately, this is the true meaning of ‘joy’.

Please take a few moments to ponder the above and as you reflect, you will have many insights in terms of the different levels of your life situations! Email me to share what arises for you – always interested to hear!

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