Listen to Your Heartbeat – Intuitive Celebration Cake, With Love From Min


Anyone who wishes to try!



A Dream

1 cup of Fun

6 tablespoons of Choice

500gm of Knowing

10 Dynamic Breaths

¼ cup of Joy

A few drops of the Essence of You

4 teaspoons of Inner Consciousness

50gms Growing Agent*

* Growing Agent is a combination of love, acceptance, inspiration, peace and space


A Willing Heart

A set of Watchful Eyes

2 Listening Ears

Internal Rhythm machine (plays beautiful harmonies when the cake is just so)

Energy Flow Meter (designed to identify lumps)

Energy Separator (separates heavy from light energy)



HINT For this cake to be fulfilling it helps if the cook celebrates all the cooking skills that she has mastered. Those that she hasn’t will not be needed.

Sit quietly in a comfortable part of your kitchen and close your eyes. Take 10 dynamic breaths. Followed by another 10 breaths connecting to your heartbeat.

Once you feel connected ask for the next step …………………………………………….

Listen to your inner voice to guide you. This cake can be made in many different ways and each way is right. Your inner voice will tell you how to proceed.

When you have decided how your cake will look and the structure of how it will come to being, then begin to combine all the ingredients you have chosen to use. Each ingredient will fit just right with your purpose.  Touch each individual ingredient as you add it. For it is through the experience of touch, that Growth and ultimately Joy will come.

Now use your “Energy Flow Meter & Separator” to check for lumps. Separate the energies by heavy and light. If you feel heavy energies now is a good time to work through these emotions as they will make your cake difficult to digest. Call them over. Ask them to join you in your kitchen and offer them a seat at your table so you can be together.

Once any lumps have been removed you should be left with a smooth and flowing batter of energy, full of lightness and space.

Pour your batter into your “third eye baking tin.” This is where your knowing lives.

Now remove your shoes and with your feet connected to the ground, watch as your cake rises and fills you with joy. Set your timer to infinity and enjoy the internal rhythm you are creating.

While you celebrate, listen for your knowing to tell you when your cake will be ready. Remember you will not be able to tell if your cake is ready from how it appears on the outside. You will need to look within to know this.

Once you have decided it is ready, leave it in place and share with everyone. This cake never runs out, but the more often it is made the better it tastes. The recipe is designed to evolve and has infinite potential.  ENJOY!

Mina Ficarra lives in Melbourne.




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