Life Strategy. Time to Start Looking Beyond the Obvious!

It’s time to bring enchantment back into your life, to reconnect with the spirit of Nature, see beyond the mundane into the richness that is all around you, just by adjusting your (inner) eye to see differently to the magic everywhere!

Please let me know how you felt by making a simple shift in awareness in terms of contexting internal and external nature!  It’s within you too, reflected. What do you see? How did you play? Please email me with your comments and insights!

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  1. Amazing, I just listened to your lovely voice, its Monday and never a dull moment. Lovely words, pouring with rain outside, home in my pj listening to you and thinking of this grand world outside….xxxx

  2. Thank you Anna. What I find wonderful about the shift inward is that in that space I can enjoy simply being without the pressure to do. And when the time comes to act I feel greater clarity about how to proceed. What once would have been stressful is no longer.

  3. That’s wonderful, Mina! Thanks for sharing this. It’s true that just ‘being’ gives you space for things to arise within you, and then you can deliberately choose your response. All remains harmonious and in natural right order! And there’s space too to have a lot more fun! Love from Anna xxx