Life Strategy: Nature Speaks to Us All the Time – Symbolic Meaning of and Working With Faerie Energy.

141002 Still yourselfSeveral of you reading this are deeply connected with Faery Energy. Beautiful! This is an ancient, earth-elemental based energy that is charged by Spirit to take care of nature. Well, they are nature, so it takes care of itself purely by participation. And watchfulness.

There are many different aspects of Faerie Energy, each with its own purpose and many of you became aware of your connection from babyhood, taking this through childhood until about the age of about 7, when you became socialised through school and distracted with the many requirements made of you to conform as you were growing up.

For me it’s been a very great pleasure to work with you to regain this connection, because they come to speak and play with you when-ever you are in nature – your garden, woods, forests, water of any kind, even with houseplants indoors as Mother is inclusive rather than exclusive. And then through first practice and later familiarisation, they stay with you all the time.

The other day I was working on skype with one of you in London, and I noticed her house was full of faerie energy. There was such a strong sense around her and beyond her picture into the room behind and when I tuned in, throughout the entire house and grounds too. So lovely.

Some months ago she deliberately reconnected with this energy for herself and for her baby daughter, and faerie energy because their natural protection, around their house and car too. It was beautiful and very joyful. Now mother and daughter can together explore artists’ depiction of how these energies look and the beautiful little girl will grow up with a deeper awareness of nature and the connection of  nature of all that is. How wonderful is that?

All you need to do is to shift awareness and you can quite often see them out of the corner of your physical eye. Most of the time, though, you have to feel them. This is why your Intuition Practice is so important, because your intuition is your inner eye, it reads energy before anything else.

Your intuition is how your deepest inner being communicates with you. To hear it you only need to pay attention.

Many of you reading this are great with your intuition, which can come in many different ways. To most people your intuition is communicated through pictures (clairvoyant), with others through sound (clairaudient) and with others through vibration (clairsentient).

These are wonderful tools (for beginners) as in the beginning of exploring anything new you will need a process, or structure. Then, later, when you feel confident, specifically that your mind has become the vehicle for soul expression rather than trying to be its master (the “monkey mind”, otherwise known as the chicken without its head) you can let this go and you just sit in your own space, and allow the energy to arise. This is called your “knowing”.

When you are in your knowing, then, you continue to sit in natural energy and breathe. In the ensuring stillness, you just connect with any part of nature that comes to you through energetic resonance. And you can have wonderful, deep and abiding conversations with these elementals, also with animal, bird, insect, reptiles …. Anything at all. This will necessary be a conversation without words, a simple acknowledgement of each other’s Being, and the harmony, richness, oneness of all of Life.

Please share your experiences with me on this website, always love to hear and give insights on them. As you share, you give confidence to others to share their experiences too!

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