Life Strategy. Nature Speaks to Us All the Time – Animals and the Symbolic Meanings They Bring

Mother Nature speaks to us all the time. Of course she does, for we are a part of her, even when we don’t realise that this is true.

The best way to connect with Nature is just to be aware, because she doesn’t speak to us in words. She speaks to us in symbols.

Grasshopper totemThe other day at breakfast, a praying mantis flew onto my hand. I stopped, and watched, for many moments. It was a beautiful experience because praying mantises are connected with moon energy, particularly full and new moons and we had just experienced an eclipse of the full moon.

Specifically, praying mantises symbolise stillness. Also harmony, calm, intuition and deliberate action. Contemplation and meditation are the tools to quickly align you into this.

For me it was particularly interesting because September was a challenging month in many ways. Internet failures, an ongoing niggling stomach virus and being in Hong Kong during the first week of the demonstrations caused massive disruption to my schedule which I am still working to address. I knew something had to be done to shift the energy and there were the practical aspects to be taken care of too.

Such a simple reminder from Spirit to me caused me to make a split-second decision to recalibrate my own internal balance of awareness and priority – first back to my own centre, secondly to anchor this  with deliberate connection to the Five Elements of Nature through my chakra system. A good night’s sleep and I’m (almost) back to normal.

I say almost because even though calibration of internal energy is instantaneous, the human body is material and follows material law. It will take a few days to stop feeling so tired, and I will listen to it and move accordingly. In the meantime, of course, life has to go on, as with all busy women professionals I can’t just drop everything, but the energy is now different.

There are many books and websites that give symbolic meaning of nature, many giving different explanations of the same thing. How do you know which is accurate? You feel it’s truth within you – the area around your third chakra is usually the best for resonating this. And you look at these from the greater context of your life. Then you apply. And you move on, because life is a constant flow of unending moments, each a snapshot of time.

Please share your experiences with me on this website, always love to hear and give insights on them. As you share, you give confidence to others to share their experiences too!

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