Life Strategy. Managing New Moon, Full Moon and Moon Eclipse Energy.

Luckily, the worst is now behind you…..

We’ve now had another full moon eclipse and this months’ new moon 141008 Full Moonwill be an eclipse too. To read more about the relationship of your relationship with the moon please click here.

You will always feel squeezed by the moon energies and whilst a lot of people have a lot of things to say about how to deal with them, the fact is that all of these don’t work otherwise you’d all be doing them right now quite naturally as a part of your practice in the same way that when it gets cold ….. you put on a sweater.

In effect, nothing designed to take you out of the moment ever works, it only alleviates the symptoms which are then stored somewhere in the energy body, only to arise in the physical body when your energy is low and your ability to screw them down is compromised.

You see, you have to be in the moment to fully embrace each one you’re alive. Nothing you do or try to do can ever sidestep your contract with Spirit – your spiritual essence – to be fully present.

In Life, I see almost everyone always seeking to do things, all the time. Often people do this to try to take themselves out of feeling how they feel.  Few though, are will to just ‘be’, be in the moment and watch it, feel it, until that moment passes. This is the first point of contact with any experience of that which you are called by Spirit to particiapte in. As you are awareness itself, the next moment will arise from this and you will simply watch this too. Then the next. And so on. And as each moment arises and expands into the next, you will find within you too an expanded understanding inside of which the energy itself diffuses quite naturally.

From this, your own natural space, that is, inner space, and when your awareness is fully anchored there once again, you will quite naturally start to breathe in a different way. It is within this natural breath then, that you are able to more easily connect with the frequency of very strong energies – that of your emotions, stirred.

Within this your own space, too, your natural energy of unconditional love will arise, all by itself, quite simply because you are now harmonic with each other. Some might call it your spiritual energy. It is who you be in your core and when your attention is returned here, you become One with the energy of the full or new moon eclipse. And because you have become this energy, ie, you are the same frequency, it no longer has any effect on you.

Easy, elegant and full of grace. And exactly how Life is intended to be.

Please share your experiences with me on this website, always love to hear and give insights on them. As you share, you give confidence to others to share their experiences too!



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  1. Dear Anna,

    I really don’t know how to describe what I’ve been feeling every time there’s a full moon.
    I get so shaken and edgy and a little on the psycho side. I lose balance and all I want to do is end my life. I have difficulty breathing and sleeping. My friends all think I am crazy but I just freak out every time I know a full moon is coming. Please how can I protect myself?

    Thank you