Life Strategy. Another Full Moon Eclipse This Year!


Holding Space in the Light of the Moon

Another full moon lunar eclipse, more subtle than the one in April, but strong energy nevertheless! Old stuff coming up, of course, best is just to sit in it and just allow yourself to be without needing to do much of anything at all. If you have to make any decisions, best is to hold your space, just observe how the energy settles. There’s never a real rush. Life is still shifting so whatever you decide during these few days is likely to change as new things are unveiled.

Moonbathing Your Crystals & Gemstones

With the eclipse intensifying tonight’s full moon energetic strength, it’s also a great time to place your crystals, gems, rocks and minerals within this light, to cleanse and to purify. Place a jug of water in the moonlight too, and drink it in the morning – lovely, gentle, nourishing energy being taken into the body, with love. Anna x

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