Gathering. A Woman’s Heart – Call of The Wise Woman. Working Direct with Soul to Bring Heartfelt Change.

Anna Hughes speaks on the progression of women’s gatherings around the world over the years, with soul purpose transitioning from “I want to be myself but I am afraid of the consequences”, an exploration primarily of women’s spiritual (inner) identity through to “I am afraid to love because in the past whenever I have loved, given myself wholly I have been hurt”, further through various other calls of the soul until, finally, this one that she will teach in September in Melbourne, Australia:

“I have come to create a different balance, to reflect the in-breath and out-breath of the universe. To come to peace and harmony within and in knowing myself, I create change.”

This gathering is  about bringing change through the energy of Love, the only way to bring any sort of permanent change. Using spiritual energy, it’s about reclaiming your inner space and using this to redefine your purpose.

Anna gives simple guides on connecting with your heart, use your intuition – the voice of your soul – and put yourself, your Spirit in the driving seat of your life.

“I’ve read the soul blueprint and I’ll work with you to bring it through. The relative precision work is up to you. What do you need? I always deliver,” she says.

Please email Anna on if you have any insights or questions on this very valid and beautiful work – that service women’s souls, through their hearts.

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