Life Strategy. On Balance & Bringing Change With Love (text).

140324 Stay True to Yourself - CopyThank you for your lovely responses to the last Inspiration, asking for your three things to do for yourself! These broadly fell into three main themes: spending time with yourself, being in nature and clearing stuff out of your homes.

How did you feel, writing these? I know that your tendency is to give so much to others, and it must be a lovely feeling to give something back to yourself too! I had a lovely time fulfilling mine and have continued the momentum with daily gifts, all the more valued because they are subtle and cannot be bought. By fulfilling yourself daily in small ways you will more easily stay in your own peace, contentment and associated clarity, and thus can more easily pass these on.

Staying in your own space is increasingly important as we watch energy of conflict, violence and disease intensify around our world. It can be easy to get emotional about things that we read about and indeed emotions are gifts intended to colour the precious experience of life. Be aware, though, of how different belief systems can be divisive and you can play into the hands of the shadow in the philosophy of  ‘divide and rule’.

There is no such thing as a true story and we are all heroes of our own choices.

In this age of technology and mass social communication, it has become very easy to present good and bad guys, triumphs of good over evil, positive over negative and we cheer these on depending on our social conditioning and the perspective we are given at any time. Please remember though that everything in life has a purpose, every soul has a destiny that is being fulfilled in a picture far, far greater than we can see whilst we are in form. In human terms of course it is terrible to see such suffering and much more goes on than we are shown, or we skip these stories as being too painful (or boring) to read about. Compassion overload can be real and out of sight is out of mind.

Each one to their own, of course, and nobody’s here here to save the world. Neither good, bad, right, wrong, positive nor negative exist in absolute terms – if you go beyond the material it is all about different aspects of light and dark, and frequency of energy being fed by either disciplined or undisciplined, inexperienced or wise minds. Irrespective of all of this, if you feel that you’d like to respond to what’s happening around and don’t know how, then the best way is to stay neutral, because in this clarity, you will hear your own call to action, subtle or other, wise, and it will be perfect for you.

The simplest way to do this is to change energy within yourself. Within this clear inner space, if you are not afraid to touch your own silence and you hold it strong, and if appropriate to the spirit of whatever experience is happening at global level – you are facilitating our world to do the same. In effect, peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment are just parts of your own Silence and will not happen unless you are willing to touch this, and be in it. This month’s meditation is on Creating Peace Within and Around You is for this purpose. Please just follow my voice. Click here to listen >>

For those of you called to more purposeful action, I’m working very closely with you in terms of deliberate strategic approach and watching your back with you as you implement this. Your invincibility is in your ability to stay invisible, you do not need accolades nor recognition so the ego is engaged much, much less than those who require to be stars of their own dramas. In this way, change is gentle, gradual, done with and in love, and consequently is the most powerful for our world.

Life is precious, use yours to make a difference. The time is now.

As always, yours in service and love.

Anna xxx

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