Gathering. Sunset, Full Moon and Wise Woman Meditation at Petra tou Romiou. 12 July 2014. Born again at 35!

1. Petra tou RomiouBorn again at 35!

Nikita Sirohi (left), is originally from India and now lives in Nicosia, Cyprus with her husband and children. She spent the evening of Sunset and Full Moon Wise Woman meditation with us, in our sacred circle. Here’s what she has to say…

Life is teaching us every moment but are we really listening? Well, I was made to, through a very symbolic evening in my life. It made me consolidate all my learning and belief in the magic of the Universe.

I had been admiring, observing and following the master healer Anna Hughes for almost a decade but never communicated a word with her. Guess it was ‘planned’ to be in a beautifully different way. I was pleasantly surprised to receive her invitation for full moon meditation at Petra Tou Romiou (Cyprus), also known as Aphrodite’s rock, the mystical site of the birth of goddess Aphrodite.

Full Moon 120712As I reached there, I decided to completely surrender, absorb and indulge in every single moment. We started the absolutely serene, guided meditation by Anna, feeling the warm energy and connect with all the ‘ultimate women’ in that spiritual circle. My back towards a breathtaking sunset, with all the temptation to look back and keep looking at it. Reminder for me to resist…it had given me what it had meant to like many situations and people in life, now was the time to release and let go! So I chose to look straight ahead. Those were moments of just clear space, me and Anna’s voice.

Then, right in front of me, from behind the Aphrodite rock emerged the beautiful reward for looking forward, the magnificent work of nature…the moon so full…so complete in itself, reflecting abundance! Rising and looking different by the moment reminding me of change, the process and progress.

1.That moment of awe lingered on as between me and the full moon stood tall & elegant Anna…as white, as bright! The look and her smile communicating to me ‘I am here’. What a teacher!! What an entry!! In what amazing style !! And a student so ready !! On such a special day that is celebrated as Guru Purnima in the Indian sub-continent annually, dedicated to all spiritual & academic teachers.

When it was time to light our candles, my lovely Australian neighbour for the evening didn’t have one and something had made me bring two. As I gave her one, I learnt from her that just begin your journey…the resources will come to you exactly when you need them!

Everybody was settled, while I was still frantically trying to light my candle. It lit for a while & went off, so I tried again…and then again, till as if I heard the little candle say ‘stop Nikita, don’t look for external light, be the light…YOU be the light’!

With that moment of ultimate bliss & awakening I smiled and felt all the five elements of nature around me….all within, not without !

20140712_195648 - CopyThis entire process and the ever so lovely Anna helped me to resonate to the rhythm of life and I understood the true meaning of Raising Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM)…

This divine day 12th July 2014 was my 35th birthday. The day I finally got what I had been looking for…my ‘balance’. The balance between making things happen & letting them happen !!!

Love, Nikita.

Nikita – thank you for all your lovely photos! In the course of time I will use many of them to illustrate my work! Love, A xxx


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