Life Strategy. Dreams Are a Part of the Language of Your Soul

Always follow your dreamsDo you dream? Everyone dreams. But do you remember your dreams?

Your dreams are all symbolic and are messages from your soul. Even if they are about other people, the message is for you to interpret in terms of meaning for your life.

Books on dreams are great in terms of providing a general understanding, read these and then connect with your own inner wisdom to learn what is the meaning for you.

To do this, you simply sit quiet and ask what you need to know. Then you breatheinto your heart – this is the activation to connect you to your own higher wisdom.

When this happens, you need to feel the resonance of the information you are given. Does it feel right? Does it feel good to you? Remember, Spirit is always about movement, expansion and growth. It’s  seldom about needing to defend space (if you defend your space you will never grow).

So you sit and you resonate as to why you were given that symbolic message, and in the light of your everyday life, what it means to you. And then what you’re going to do about it.

Best way to get good at interpreting your dreams is to stay focused on your question, or challenge, what is your conversation with Spirit about? Make sure you feel your response to yourself rather than what you think as this is the most direct way to get out of your mind….. Spirit speaks to us through resonance and symbols – this is the language of the heart.

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