Life Strategy. Feeling Tired? Disoriented? We’ve just had two lunar eclipses and the energy has only just started to diffuse.

If you’ve felt more than squeezed in the last month then you certainly have been! We had two lunar eclipses in succession – they always come in pairs. The first, during April’s full moon, caused our emotional body to recalibrate, particularly in how we felt about various recent and long-term disappointment.

There was massive letting go at deep level, stressful enough in itself. On top if this, two weeks later we had another lunar eclipse during the May new moon! This one was designed to release our illusions by causing us to look at old dreams that perhaps have not, will never come true. Mostly these were other peoples’ dreams for us, or those in the past that we thought we ‘should’ have (for other people) and were never going to happen. The energy of this one lasted nearly into middle of May, a lengthy intense period!

I know many of you had a strong sense that you needed to sit and take stock of things. Whether you were conscious or not about what you were undergoing, many told me that you felt like you had been put through an old clothes wringer, at the very least you felt tired, a bit disoriented and could not focus.

Good news is that the lunar eclipse energy has now mostly cleared, giving you a bit  more breathing space. Perhaps some stillness returning too – to be filled naturally and in its own rhythm with expansion of spiritual energy.  This is how Spirit works – movement, stillness, expansion. Do this deliberately then, in awareness of your own spiritual contract – with yourself, to fulfill your mastery of life. Within this energy of Creation, Spirit grows because you grow. Well, you are Spirit after all. And when you have clear vision of how this works, more importantly how to make this work for you, fear diminishes and you can more easily stay in the Love that you inherently are.

Add a description Isn’t that a great place to be?

Wonderful times ahead, for you, me, everyone.

Look forward.

Speak again soon, until then always yours in service and love.



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