Life Strategy. Touching the Heart of God

“When each One touches the heart of God, you all cry. I did, because that’s the place to which we all ultimately seek to return, all of our lives,” said Anna offering an explanation of the experience of your own inner Being, that aspect of All That Is, the Absolute that you all carry within. When you come to know your inner own inner nature, you will also know nature as being the nature of God for All is inextricably interlinked.

This makes the meaning of community even more relevant.

Please describe to me your experience of touching the heart of God – your own inner heart.

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  1. I remember feeling so proud of myself the day I touched my heart. Since that day, I have been listening and learning about ME from ME, the path to this place of self-love, self-acceptance and authenticity has truly been one of the best times of my life… and I know it’s only going to grow from here!

  2. This is just the beginning, dearest Gaye. There is so much more to explore, experience and express and in-between times you will see the beauty of how your live/s has brought you to this space. All my love xxx