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Circle Of Healing

In our world, that of Inspiration, lived, healing is an everyday occurrance.

The energy that heals best – in fact, the ONLY energy that heals, permanently – is Love. It is the highest frequency in the universe and by holding strong love, unconditionally, miracles often occur.

At the very least, Love returns to Life, assists the inner – or energetic body – to open up much like a flower, and release whatever “it” is that is causing a blockage, and therefore pain or loss (wellness, health) of any sort.

The Nazareine Wisdom Circle

Is one of the apex study groups and the culmination of all the work you’ve put into furthering your knowledge, energy, consciousness, awareness, that you are now applying in everyday life as Wisdom, on your journey on Earth at this time. By so doing you become truly ALIVE, where you bring to surface the mysteries of the Universe into the material layer of Being, determine what really matters – to you – In this way of dynamic understanding, you become Wisdom, personified and you live every moment, consciously and in community of Spirit with others who reflect your own deeper values.

Women Walking In Wisdom

A Clear Channel For Intuition And Rapidly Accelerate Bringing A Vision Of Service Into Material Form

Sacred Women Moon Circle : Quarterly

Sacred Woman Moon explores the esoteric and mystical nature of relationship, family and healing; a shared learning and applied wisdom of the female aspect of Spirit in daily life. By embracing in totality all aspects of your female material Being, you start to weave magic into your world.

Living Spirituality – Newly added meditations and Spiritual guidance